List - To Receive child Support

List – To Receive child Support


What you should not forget about child support. If you are interested in applying to the maintenance of a child, follow the steps in this list.

Locate the other parent of the child

Make sure you know the location/whereabouts of the other parent (e.g. Address, job and any other contact information). If you do not know this basic information, you may have the right to obtain free assistance locating the other parent through a state agency for services for the child support.

Establish legal fatherhood

If the identity of the father of her child is in question, you can take certain steps to establish legal paternity of your child.

Resolve the terms of the payments to the child support

The resolution of the terms on the payment of child support is usually done in one of two ways: by agreement between parents or by Court order.

Setting the terms of the payment of child support

If your personal or financial circumstances change, you may ask the court to increase or reduce the amount you receive for the support of a minor child.

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