Noteworthy Suggestions of UK Immigration Solicitors in London


Whether you need an immigration clearance in UK or not will depend upon very many things, including your country of origin, your motive to enter UK and many others. If you belong to a European Union country, or if you are applying for study or a job, you generally don't need any entry clearance.

However, other people who belong to a long list of countries or planning to visit UK for tourism purpose or business purpose need to go through a comprehensive immigration clearance. The UK immigration solicitors in London have some suggestions for such visitors. Abiding to these suggestions increases your chances of getting your visa approved, without much trouble and delay.

In general, the immigration clearance in UK can be divided into two categories, namely Points-based Entry and Non-points-based Entry. The points-based entry applies to the residents of non-European Union country. These visitors have to be assessed for entry clearance, a five-tier system. On the other hand, non-points-based entry is offered to the residents of European Union countries who get direct entry to UK.

Visitors fulfilling below listed requirements get the benefits of non-points based entry:

  • EEA & Swiss Residents: The nationals of European Economic Area and Swiss residents get the privilege of direct entry without any entry clearance. The family members of these nationals also get this benefit.
  • Domestic Workers: The domestic workers of overseas country who have been employed for a certain period of time get the benefit of non-points-based entry.
  • Permit Free Employment: this applies for employment of foreign residents in the UK.
  • Returning Residents: those who have a permanent residency in UK but have settled abroad may get the benefit of direct entry when the return.
  • Right of Residence: applicants who have the right of residence in the UK, i.e. holders of a passport with right of residence qualify for direct entry.
  • Visitors: People visiting UK for study, job or for medical treatment for a short period may apply for direct entry in UK.

Any other applicant, who does not meet the above mentioned criteria, has to undergo the comprehensive immigration process. Since the immigration laws of UK are very complicated and hard to understand for everyone, people consider hiring UK immigration solicitors in London. However, as mentioned above, the need of an immigration solicitor arrives only if the applicant comes under points-based system.

The UK immigration solicitors in London suggest looking for a reputed and seasoned lawyer to make the processes easier and hassle-free. A good immigration lawyer knows the rules and regulations thoroughly, and he knows what it takes to get an application selected. Finding one such lawyer is a daunting task since you have to look for very many factors, but it can be achieved comfortably if you know how to find and where to find one. Internet can be your great source of information while hunting for immigration solicitors. There are thousands of UK immigration solicitors in London readily available to help you. Start your search online and get in touch with a professional suiting your requirements.

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