Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Criminal Lawyer


Are you found guilty of a criminal offence? Then probably you are facing a tough time. So hiring the best criminal defense lawyer who holds a good record and expert knowledge of the law is vital because it will ensure that you receive the best outcome. There are various ways to find criminal attorney. You can browse through Google or also choose among based on the recommendations of your friends and colleagues you trust. Whatever way you choose to hire your attorney, the most important part that you must remember is that you must have to meet with several attorney before making a decision.

You can find attorney who will provide a free initial consultation to you. During the consultation period it is recommended that you ask the following questions:

  • Ask the criminal lawyer regarding whether he is practising or have practical experience in representing a client accused of criminal charge. Best criminal defense lawyer specialized in criminal defense of serious charges will help you in obtaining reduced punishment if you are really guilty.
  • Enquire the question about the success rate of the lawyer in defending a case without going to the court. This might give you the assurance about getting a positive outcome of your case without being taken to the court.
  • Even if your lawyer have a lot of success rate of defending a case without taking it to the court, it is still important for you to ask the lawyer that if he/ she have court experience or not. You are required to ask this because it is not guaranteed that your case will not go to court for trial. Court experience is important if your case does make it to court.
  • Also ask the lawyer about the number of criminal cases he/ she have handled that are similar to your case. Every case is different from the other and each lawyer may not be experienced in all types of case. So hiring a lawyer, experienced in cases similar to yours is preferable to get a positive outcome.
  • Depending on the complexity of your case, the lawyer will charge you. Ask the criminal lawyer about the estimated potential cost of your case. Best criminal defense lawyer can provide you with a reasonable estimated cost given your circumstances.

Remember, like you expect your attorney to be honest in answering questions asked by you, it is your duty as well to be honest with the lawyer.

Jason is a law student. He currently writes topic related to legal advice, divorce lawyer in Singapore.

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