Say no to Drunk Driving Accident And Fight For What is Right

Say no to Drunk Driving Accident And Fight For What is Right


The Consequences of a DUI Accident:

  1. A drunk driver in El Paso who causes an accident faces a number of charges depending on the severity of the accident.
  2. Driver will be arrested for a DUI charge and will likely be held legally responsible for all injuries and damages to the victims.
  3. A DUI may be responsible for the wrongful death of an accident victim and may end up spending much of his or her life in prison.
  4. Victims who survive a drunk driving accident will likely have lasting physical injuries and emotional trauma. Their injuries may prevent them from going to office, participating in activities, or working.
  5. They may suffer from lost wages, permanent disability, and other severe hardships. A DUI accident in El Paso could fundamentally and irrevocably change the lives of victims.

Complication for the Victims:

  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Bone and skull fractures
  • Internal organ damage
  • Amputations
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income and earning potential
  • Medical and pharmaceutical bills

How to recognize a drunk driver on road:

Road safety in El Paso

  • Driving slowly 10 mph under the speed limit or more
  • Drifting from side to side into other lines or onto the shoulder
  • Hitting roadside objects
  • Other vehicles or passing with unsafe clearance
  • Frequent braking, especially when unnecessary
  • Turning without signaling or driving without headlights.

Types of drunk driving accidents:

1. Excessive vehicle speed.

These happen when two drunk, may unconsciously begin a race of sorts in the middle of a busy street or highway. It will not take long until one of them will crash into an innocent vehicle. Naturally, this type of driving would be accompanied by reckless abandon, as if they are the only vehicles on the road.

Drunk driver fails to stop at a red light-

With the traffic on the intersecting road, you can be sure that the vehicle of the drunk driver in Texas with cars in opposite directions hitting it can turn out to be the worst accident scenario.

Poor climate condition-

Driving in dangerous weather while under the influence of liquor is also another cause of DUI accident. Naturally, the alcohol would affect the driver’s faculties, resulting in the impairment of his ability to make effective decisions. It is better to avoid driving in a poor climate when you already know that you are not in a condition to drive in El Paso,Texas.

Role of attorney in Drunk driving case in El Paso:

  • The lawyers feel that as a victim of a DUI accident, it is not right .
  • The attorneys in Texas firmly believe that the party responsible for the accident should be the one taking care of these things for you. This is why they offer their services to clients who got involved in drunk-driving accidents.
  • The lawyers are very much concerned about the welfare of their clients and their families that they guarantee that they would handle everything for you.
  • The lawyers in El Paso could easily and quickly gather important information and could find helpful witness who could make the case stronger against the liable person.
  • The attorneys in Dallas will do their very best to help you get sufficient compensation for all your losses due to the accident. This includes the amount of money you have lost due to long hospitalization, the full amount of your medical bills, and the full cost of your vehicle’s repair.
  • You will need a lawyer who could do a thorough investigation and take a closer look into things to determine who has really made a mistake.
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