Search Rhode Island For a Knowledgeable Medical Marijuana Dealer


If you are convicted of a marijuana charge in RI, some of the penalties you may face are; expensive fines, mandatory rehab, loss of civil rights, loss of employment, limit on future gainful employment, and lengthy jail / prison sentence. Of course, there is a negative social stigma that comes with being charged on any form of drug case. Also, while serving jail time, you will be away from your friends and family. As you can see, avoiding a conviction is very important.

The use of medical marijuana has been legal in RI since 2006. Licensed and registered patients are allowed to possess, cultivate, and use the drug without risk of criminal punishment. However, there are some stipulations that have been put into place that ensure proper use. If you break these stipulations, you can then face legal issues.

For example, patients may have up to two and a half ounces of the drug. You can also cultivate up to twelve plants. Unfortunately, many law enforcement officials are not up to date on all of the new laws surrounding the marijuana business. This means that those who are dealing with it for medical purposes may become subject to legal issues that are not valid.

The best thing to do if you face unwarranted charges is to find legal representation that is familiar with this type of case and the ins and outs of the law. When choosing your law firm, find someone who has dealt with similar issues in the past and has had a good track record with them. Having a keen knowledge on not only the criminal justice system but the police tactics used during the search and seizure process, can help ensure that you are not wrongfully convicted.

Often, the initial consolation with any law firm is free. This means you can further explain the details of your case and see what is your lawyer can do on your behalf. In many instances, evidence obtained is done so illegally, which you may discover during your consultation meeting. Any evidence illegally obtained may be subject to being thrown out during the actual case.

Unfortunately, in recent years, medical marijuana patients have faced prosecution and conviction on possession and cultivation charges. Though the new laws, as previously mention, went into effect in 2012. Arrests have even happened in cases where the defendant has recommendation from a licensed physician and has complied to all of the laws put into place in RI. Luckily, as more lawyers are becoming aware of these issues, they are educating themselves on these laws and representing clients like you.

If you have recently found yourself in the middle of a medical marijuana case, the best thing to do is find legal representation as quickly as possible. These charges may be state or federal charges. Often, drug convictions can give the overall state a better representation and a tough on crime atmosphere. However, if you feel that you were charged wrongfully in your case, it is your right to fight the charges as much as possible. Being convicted of these negative charges pertaining to the drug, can lead to a multitude of harsh consequences that you should fight to avoid and work diligently with a great team of representatives to protect your freedom.

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