The Divorce Process: What Should and Should Not be Done

The Divorce Process: What Should and Should Not be Done


Divorce can be a difficult process. Even in the best of circumstances, tempers may be at flower of skin and each new decision can seem more overwhelming than the previous one. It is human to react emotionally to certain stages of a divorce, but it is important to remember that your actions during the process can affect your financial situation, family and emotional in the years to come. Below you will find a list of what should and should not be done during the divorce process.


BE reasonable and cooperate as much as possible with your future former spouse. Make concessions reasonable facilitates and expedites the processes of divorce.

SUPPORT their children during this process. It is even more hard for them than for you. Don’t make them choose between one of the parties.

TELL your spouse when and where you will spend time with their children while they arrange the situation of permanent custody. Your spouse might think that you fled to the border, and if you have to ask the police to locate it, this will be detrimental during the hearings for custody and visitation.

DECLARE all of your assets and your property. A court may refuse a decree of divorce based on deception financial, which could delay by several years the process when she thought that everything was over.

ASK your lawyer if you do not understand something. Your attorney works for you and should help you understand each part of the process of divorce.


Do NOT make plans to seek employment in some other state or to move out of the country until your divorce is finished. Your new life could interfere with the completion of your divorce.

Do NOT violate any temporary arrangement about custody or visitation. Might make it hard to get the rights on custody and visitation that you expect.

Do NOT “donate” their property to friends or relatives with the condition that they return later. If you hide your assets, your spouse may re-cite it to the court for their division.

Do NOT try to carry your case alone. Divorce is complicated and an lawyer can make sure that their interests are protected.

Family law: How to obtain the help of an attorney

If you are facing a potential disputes about divorce, custody or child support, or for other reasons, a lawyer specializing in family law can help you with a fair representation of the parties in the process. A lawyer specializing in family law will work to obtain the best possible result. The first step is to find a lawyer specializing in family law in your area.

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