Types of Custody: Sole Custody

Types of Custody: Sole Custody


A parent with “sole custody” of a minor has the custody absolute on the rights physical and legal. The custody arrangements “exclusive” are infrequent and generally limited to situations in which a parent presents inappropriate behavior or is unable to take responsibility for the child, for example, because that is addicted to drugs or because there is evidence that he abused the child.

In cases of sole custody, the other parent of the child (also known as the ” father “non-custodial”) is not entitled to physical custody of the child or the child’s legal, but you may have the right to visit his child (though those visits are supervised, especially in situations that involve domestic violence or child abuse).

[alert-note]Example: The mother and the father divorced because the father is addicted to drugs. The mother applies for and is granted sole custody of the minor. This means that only the mother has the legal authority to decide key issues related to the upbringing of the child and that this will live only with her. The father may have the right to visit the child.[/alert-note]

Family law: How to obtain the help of an attorney

If you are facing a potential disputes about divorce, custody or child support, or for other reasons, a lawyer specializing in family law can help you with a fair representation of the parties in the process. A lawyer specializing in family law will work to obtain the best possible result. The first step is to find a lawyer specializing in family law in your area.

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