What To Look For in a Divorce Lawyer in Boise


When a marriage ends, there are difficult emotions involved for everybody. Navigating the process from the dissolution of marriage to the final papers is complicated, stressful and full of potential missteps. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer in Boise can help relieve some of the stress. Divorce attorneys handle much of the paperwork and legal process for you, allowing you to focus on your family's and your own emotional needs.

Whether you need to work through a prenuptial agreement or find a custody arrangement that works for all parties involved, what may sound simple often turns complicated quickly. A Boise divorce lawyer can help you through the process, with paperwork filed at the correct time to the correct party. An experienced, versatile divorce lawyer allows you to be better prepared for any unexpected twist your divorce proceeding may take.

Child Custody Situations

The most difficult part of any divorce is the handling of child custody. Finding a way to balance the needs of both parents while protecting the emotions and well-being of any children involved is a delicate balance. The courts invariably do their best to, but working with a divorce lawyer in Boise gives you an advocate for yourself and your children.

A qualified Boise divorce lawyer can help you through things like joint legal custody, physical custody and shared living arrangements, all of which can be further complicated by lingering feelings of anger, hostility or resentment from the parents. In most divorce situations, it is better to have the custody and care of the children involved resolved and legally approved during the divorce process itself. Divorce lawyers can also work to ensure you receive fair child and spousal support payments, especially in the event of a marriage with unequal incomes.

Division of Assets

If you signed a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage, the division of assets may be as simple as the steps outlined in the agreement. Idaho has many common asset laws that dictate the division of assets accrued during the marriage, which require either a court settlement or an agreement signed off on by both parties.

Assets accumulated over the course of a marriage can be become sources of contention when the marriage ends. Even if both parties intend to dissolve the marriage amicably, consulting an experienced divorce lawyer in Boise will help limit the surprises or arguments that can arise in fraught emotional times.

From start to finish, dissolving a marriage often takes longer than people expect. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer helps you make the process and straightforward and seamless as possible.

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