What To Look For In A Notary Signing Agent


When entering into a formal agreement, it is essential to verify the identity of the various parties as well as ensure that each one of them is signing willingly and under their own power. And this is where notary comes into the picture.

This calls for an official person who is duly authorized by a state governing body and can function as an impartial witness to the agreement. In fact, obtaining officially recognized notarization is mandatory for financial documents, personal legal documents, loan and mortgage documents, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, passport and visa authentications and the like. The documents will not be considered valid and legal unless they are duly notarized.

Given that notarization is essential for protecting your interests, it is equally imperative to find the right notary signing agent for your mortgage or loan documents. Here's what makes a reliable and top-quality notary agent:

Proper background screening: A notary signing agent will have access to your financial data through the loan documents. It is essential for his background to pass muster (including legal violations and criminal records) so that he is reliable and can be trusted with the confidential information. Look for agents whose backgrounds have been verified by a reliable authority.

Properly certified: Signing agents who have passed a certification exam can prove that they comply with the state notary requirements. It also serves as a verification of skills and knowledge.

Properly trained: A notary signing agent who has completed a professional training program from a private organization will be aware of notary fundamentals such as duties of a signing agent, the contents of a typical loan document package, where signatures are needed, timeline for delivering notarized documents and so on. The right training will ensure that the agent does not miss a signature or fail to notarize the documents on time. He can also answer your questions relating to the loan processing, or at least guide you to the right person.

Properly experienced: It is further essential that the notary signing agent should have sufficient experience in notarizing loan documents. Else, there is scope for improper handling of documents, incorrect notarization and so on. The risk of mistakes is greatly reduced with experience.

Work schedule: It will work in your favour if the notary signing agent operates on a flexible schedule (outside office hours and on weekends) and is available when you need the services. It is even better if the agent is mobile and willing to come to you for the notarization.

Therefore, take the time to find the right notary signing agent for your needs. The right choice will ensure that the loan or mortgage procedure is handled correctly and processed timely so that unnecessary delays are avoided. A mobile service will further ensure that the notary signing agent is accommodative of your needs and plans.

The author works as notary signing agent for a long time and is proficient in the field. He has penned down to write the article for highlighting the facts that one needs to consider when choosing an agent for them.

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