Los Angeles Attorneys Support Victims of Back-up Collisions

Los Angeles Attorneys Support Victims of Back-up Collisions


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Many roads in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas require automobile drivers to back up as they are pulling out of their driveways or parking spaces at local destinations.  What happens when a reckless or negligent driver is behind the wheel and they drive in reverse without checking their blind spots?  Usually, there is an unfortunate chain of events which may result in an auto accident or a pedestrian accident.   Back-up accidents can hurt children and other pedestrians as well as cause damage to parked cars and other drivers and their passengers.

Victims of Back-up Collisions

Los Angeles drivers and parents should be aware that a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research found that nearly 3,000 children are injured each year in back-over or back-up accidents.  A back-up collision could occur in a driveway, a mall parking lot, or at a local park.  Pedestrians riding on a skateboard, roller-blades and on a bicycle or even while crossing the street in their neighborhood are all at risk of being involved in an accident.  It is important that these back-up collisions victims receive the best legal representation by hiring one of our auto accident lawyers to represent them while seeking compensation from the responsible parties and their insurance company.

The human body was not meant to withstand the impact or the pressure that is inflicted upon a person during a car back-up auto accident in Los Angeles.  When a child is the victim of a backup accident they could suffer abrasions, lacerations, contusions, bruises, broken bones, fractures, tire burn injuries, or spinal cord injuries.  A bicycle rider could also suffer open or closed wounds as well as head injuries as the result of this accident.

Injured in a Back Up Collision Auto Accident?

Back-up auto accidents can be very serious and that is why you should consider hiring an attorney who is able to give you guidance about the many details of your backup car accident case. Call one of our Los Angeles auto accident lawyers today and allow us to review your case for free!

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