Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyers

Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyers


Auto Accident Attorneys Los Angeles

Auto accidents in Los Angeles involve various kinds of motor vehicles such as truck, SUVs, buses, cars, and compact vehicles. Despite the type of auto involved in the accident, each crash has the potential of resulting in serious injuries or multiple casualties or deaths.  Our attorneys have helped auto accident victims recover compensation for their injuries, which has covered the past medical expenses, lost wages, future medical costs and physical therapy.  Our law firm has experience diligently representing our clients, and we look forward to working with you. Causes of auto accidents in Los Angeles may include:

  • poor weather conditions;
  • driving excessively fast;
  • driving faster than the posted speed limit;
  • careless lane changes;
  • inappropriate following distance between cars by following too closely;
  • sudden stopping or slamming on the brakes;
  • swerving to avoid hitting an animal or pot hole;
  • aggressive driving or road rage; and
  • alcohol or drug related collisions.

These are just a few of the many causes of auto accidents or car accidents in Los Angeles.  When someone is involved in a crash, they should speak with a trained Los Angeles auto accident lawyer who can assist them in recovering the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Auto injuries commonly occur in every car accident irrespective of the kind of automobiles involved in the accident, how many cars are involved, or the severity of the car collision.  Minor auto accident injuries may include minor whiplash, cuts and bruises, emotional distress, or property damages to their car.  While the auto accident may have occurred at low speeds resulting in minimal physical damage, the passengers or pedestrians may still incur serious injuries.  It is therefore essential that anyone involved in an auto accident in Los Angeles speak with a lawyer to determine whether they can recover compensation for their injuries.

There are several types of auto accidents, such as:

  • bus accidents;
  • car accidents;
  • fender benders;
  • head-on-collisions;
  • hit and run accidents;
  • intersection accidents;
  • multiple vehicle accidents;
  • pedestrian accident;
  • bicycle accidents;
  • trucking accident;
  • motorcycle accidents.

Serious auto accident injuries may result because of the specific circumstances of the auto collision or because of certain factors such as speed of the car when the accident occurred.  Some critical injuries which may result from a car crash may include:

  • head trauma injuries consisting of brain trauma or brain damage;
  • broken or fractured bones; and
  • spinal cord injuries.

car accident lawyer californiaThese injuries are considered critical because they may result in paralysis, limited range of motion, and in some cases a wrongful death.  You may also total your vehicle, where it is completely undriveable which may prevent you from driving to work or running daily errands, such as picking up groceries.  Most people in California are dependent upon their automobiles, so much so that our Los Angeles auto accident attorneys understand that you want to quickly resolve this case so you can purchase another car and move on with your lives.

Injured? Contact a Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorney to Represent You

The most important thing to do after your auto accident is to speak with an attorney and retain their law firm to represent you in seeking recovery for your car accident.  There are many questions that may arise within the first few days after your accident, and those questions can and should be answered by a lawyer at a Los Angeles auto accident law firm.

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