Los Angeles Freeway Pile-Up Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Freeway Pile-Up Accident Lawyer


The freeway is a road that’s waiting for an accident to happen. Cars are speeding along the Los Angeles freeway and just as quickly, they’ve come to a halt. Too often, this results in a Los Angeles freeway pile-up accident that can cause all kinds of serious injuries, including death, because of the high speeds, and number of vehicles involved. You want to make sure your rights are protected if you or someone you love has been injured in such an accident, so talk to a Los Angeles freeway pile-up attorney.

Los Angeles Freeway Pile-Up Accident Causes

A Los Angeles freeway pile-up accident is almost always serious. There can be many causes for this type of accident including weather conditions, driving inattentiveness, distractions such as texting or cell phones, and speed. Fog and/or rain can be a factor in these accidents decreasing visibility. Wind can also make driving more difficult. But weather is not always a factor. A freeway pile-up that began as a simple two vehicle rear-end accident can land up involving twenty or more vehicles in just a split second.

Whatever the cause of the freeway pile-up there can be one or several drivers who are responsible for the collision. If you are injured in a freeway pile-up in the Los Angeles area you should talk to a Los Angeles car accident attorney who can guide you through the maze called an insurance claim or compensation lawsuit.

Once the complexity of a freeway pile-up has been resolved an experienced car accident lawyer will represent you seeking to recover monetary compensation, which you are entitled to. We can negotiate with the insurance company or move forward with your lawsuit in your multi vehicle freeway pile-up accident.

Los Angeles Freeway Pile-Up Accident Causes

Seven Situations Are Forbidden on a Freeway

People usually don’t pay more attention on the situations when they drive on a freeway. Actually, we should know more nouns around us that could be more responsible for our lives and others.

1. Forbid High-speed driving

High-speed driving on freeway is neither economic nor safe. As the higher speed, the bigger braking distance, and the centrifugal force will be increase when the car steering, the controllability and stability will be worse. In addition, the faster speed, the short sight distance of driver and the narrower vision, this will results increasing misjudgment. Therefore, controlling the driving speed is the first condition to ensure safety on freeway.

2. Forbid pressure-speed driving

Pressure-speed driving will lead other driver behind you who can’t raise speed and drive the needed speed on the high-way on the one hand; on the other hand, it is likely to cause traffic-jam or followed vehicles’ confusion. Therefore, the lowest speed shouldn’t lower the traffic rules.

3. Forbid follow too closely

The safe distance between vehicles should be based on expressway speed, weather and road conditions. The faster the speed, the more widen distance, especially in the snow, rain, fog or ice, people have to extent your distance.

4. Forbid unlawful parking

When the car needs to temporarily overhaul, you must turn on your direction signal light before leaving the lane and parking it on the emergency parking strip. If the car can’t leave the lane because of breakdown, accident or other reasons, it must be immediately turn on the hazard warning signal flashing lamp and set a warning signs 100 meters behind on the driving direction, and open back lamp at night.

5. Forbid fuel shortage before speed on highways

Some careless drivers will not pay attention on how much fuel inside the tank before hurry to highway. Once the fuel is shortage on the freeway and there is no owned oil and gas station nearby, it will be affect other vehicles access easily.

6. Forbid drive on freeway in snow or fog day

It is best not to drive on the freeway when run into fog or snowy weather. This kind of situation will be easy to make car skid. However, if you must drive on the highway because of some reasons, you should slow down or keep a certain distance between other cars.

7. Forbid drive with overload situation

If drive high speed with overload on the highway, the vehicle inertia will be increased and non-security zone of braking will be extended when meet emergency situation. What’s more, due to overloading could result increasing gravity, resistance and friction, the leaf spring, axle and tire bolts will be easy broken. Besides, the higher center of gravity, inertia and centrifugal force which are caused by overloading will make vehicles out of control or puncture during in high speed.

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