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Los Angeles DUI Accident Attorneys

Los Angeles DUI Drunk drivers claim a large number of lives each year in Los Angeles auto accidents.  An impaired driver may lack the reaction time necessary to stop at a red light or observe slowing traffic. Sadly, when drunk drivers are involved the likelihood of a fatal car wreck greatly increases which are generally rear end collisions. The consequences of drinking and driving are nothing compared to a lost love one.

If you have been injured at the hand of a drunk driver, you will likely be entitled to compensation for your damages. In some cases, not only would you be able to hold the intoxicated driver responsible for their negligent or reckless acts, but you might also be able to hold the establishment that was serving him or her alcohol liable. If the bar, club, or restaurant continued to sell alcohol to an intoxicated person and then let them drive, they may be held liable for their negligence.

Being involved in a auto accident where a drunk driver was at fault can change your entire life. The first thing you should do is consult with an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer who understands the laws protecting those injured by someone else’s negligence and will aggressively go after the negligent party.  You have the right to collect compensation from all negligent parties whether it is the actual driver, their insurance company or the bar or club that failed to stop serving them.

The Law Offices of are committed Los Angeles auto accident law firms that will hold those who have put other people’s lives at risk responsible for their wrongdoing.  Drinking and driving is a choice that too many people make that can devastate the innocent victims who are harmed.  You are entitled to recovery and we are here to help. The drunk driving injury lawyers are well-versed in dealing with all injuries associated with accidents caused by drunk drivers. Whether it is a minor injury or a wrongful death, we will fight hard to get the compensation that you deserve.

How do you define your teenage life? This is the stage in which we experience to fall in love for the first time and received our first new car. This is also the phase in which we already feel that we are independent in everything that we do and think. Most of us consider teenage life as the most exciting stage of our lives, but at some point, this stage can also bring us big troubles. In this stage, we start doing things that are being prohibited to us when we were still little such as going home late at night, doing night outs, visiting late night functions and even the worst things – drinking alcoholic beverages and using prohibited drugs.

Los Angeles Underage DUI – The Teenage Issue

Most of teenagers know that drinking too much alcohol can be dangerous but then, they are still doing it. Alcohol addiction is one the most important concerns that most teenagers are facing right now. This is not yet the worst part, most teenagers are unaware of the possible consequences when they drive after they drink alcoholic beverages or drinking while driving the car. In Los Angeles, many car accidents that involved teenagers aging 15 to 20 years old were because of Los Angeles DUI.

DUI - The Teenage Issue

Violating the Los Angeles DUI law among underage can create lots of troubles. When a teenager is caught driving a car while intoxicated or there is a presence of alcoholic drinks inside his or her car, his or her driver’s license will be automatically suspended. They also need to face some penalties, fines, jail time or a Los Angeles DUI education program depending on the order of the court. The worst part, it can affect the future of the teenager once he or she is proven guilty or involved in a dangerous accident.

The parents should be responsible enough to take some actions or think of some preventive measures on how to prevent their teenagers from drinking too much alcohol or driving while intoxicated. These are some of those preventive measures that parents need to implement:

  • The parents must have a serious conversation with their children.
  • Help their teenagers to avoid or get rid of drugs and alcohol.
  • Never allowing their children to drive the car if they know that they were drunk.
  • Let them enter the school for DUI in order to give them knowledge about drinking and driving.

If a teenager violated the Los Angeles DUI law, the parent must seek or hire a good DUI attorney immediately.

Injured By a Drunk Driver in a Drunk Driving Accident?

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