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Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorneys


Los Angeles Hit & Run Auto Accident Lawyers

One of the scariest moments in someone’s life is when they are involved in a Los Angeles car accident, especially when they have serious injuries.  The events of a hit and run accident become even more traumatic when a pedestrian accident occurs where a car hits an innocent victim and then flees the scene, which is referred to as a hit & run accident.  When these hit and run accidents occur, it is important that the person who fled the scene of the accident be held accountable for the injuries that they caused.  Hiring a Los Angeles Hit and Run Accident Lawyer is one of the most vital decisions which should be accomplished after your hit & run accident.

Los Angeles Hit & Run Auto Accident
When a person is injured in a hit and run accident, they might suffer a number of different injuries which might leave the person involved in the hit & run collision paralyzed, suffering from brain damage, spinal cord injuries, requiring amputations, loss of limbs, physically deformed, or they may be killed where their family members wish to bring a wrongful death action. If the victim dies as a result of the hit & run accident, the fleeing driver may also be charged with vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide.  A hit and run accident attorney must be familiar with the events of your case, and they will need to interview various hit and run witnesses as well as ask them the most relevant questions to prove your case and ultimately assist you to recover compensation for your hit and run injuries.

When Will I Need a Los Angeles Hit and Run Car Accident Attorney?

A hit and run accident occurs when a pedestrian, car, motorcycle, truck or motor vehicle is hit causing damage.  The negligent responsible party then leaves the scene of the accident.  This combination of two events, the actual hitting and causing damage, as well as the leaving or fleeing the scene are together referred to as a “hit and run” accident.  In Los Angeles, it is illegal for some to leave the scene of an accident before information is exchanged.  Additionally, our hit and run lawyers will use the events of their fleeing from the scene and causing the hit and run accident to your advantage which may further assist with the amount of your settlement or ultimately your jury decision if the case does proceed to trial.

Who May Be Involved In a Hit and Run Accident?

While most people or motor vehicles can be involved in a Los Angeles hit and run accident, the parties who are typically injured in a hit and run are bicycle riders, pedestrian joggers running along a road, children walking to school, people walking in a cross-walk, drivers and passengers in small compact cars, construction workers in construction zones, California highway patrol officers while they are on the side of a freeway, motorcycle riders, and sports car drivers.  Speak with a hit and run attorney to determine what your available options are in recovering for your past medical costs, future medical expenses, and other associated medical costs.

Let Our Los Angeles Hit and Run Auto Accident Lawyers Help You With Your Recovery

Someone who is involved in a hit and run accident should speak with our Los Angeles Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyers as our team of accomplished attorneys have previously represented many hit and run accident victims in seeking recovery and compensation for their injuries.

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