Bicycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Bicycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles


Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycles are very popular especially along the beaches and heavily populated parts of downtown Los Angeles – especially with the ever increasing gasoline prices. With the increase in bicycle use, the number of bicycle accidents has also been increasing. Despite bicycle laws which are designed to protect the lives of bicycle riders, negligent or reckless motor vehicle drivers can still severely injure or kill a bicycle rider. When these unfortunate bicycle accidents occur, it is very important to contact a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to represent you. A family member may also bring a wrongful death action if the bicycle rider was killed.

For those who have been involved in a Los Angeles bicycle accident, you are aware that while bicycle laws are in place, car drivers violate these bicycle laws everyday where car drivers often assume that they have the right-of-way. However, according to the California vehicle code, a bicycle rider has the same rights to be on a road as a truck, motorcycle or car. Although everyone with a driver’s license is aware of these rules, they often purposely violate these vehicle codes because they believe the bicycle rider is riding too slowly.

A Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Assist You

Sadly, reckless drivers often purposely endanger bicycle riders because they don’t believe they should have to share a road with a bicyclist. Cars or trucks may also attempt to cut a bicycle rider off which often leads to the motor vehicle side-swiping the bicycle or causing a side-impact accident. These same cars may also have limited braking room once they pass the bicycle rider, causing them to stop suddenly which results in the bicycle rider being thrown off of the bicycle and onto or over the top of the car. Cars following the bicycle may also not have enough room to swerve around the bicycle rider on the street. Or the car may strike the bicycle’s back tire causing the bicyclist to fall off of the bicycle, where the car may run over both the bicycle and the bicycle rider. Because of the momentum of a heavy speeding car, the injuries to a bicycle rider can be very severe and may result in the bicycle rider dying.

Irrespective of the cause of the bicycle accident, a common factor is a car failing to follow the California motor vehicle code. As your bicycle accident injuries may be very severe because of the limited safety equipment you are wearing, such as a bicycle helmet, you need to speak with an experienced bicycle accident attorney who can answer all of your questions and can assist you during the recovery process.

Serious Injuries can result from Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle rider wearing a helmet and other protective gear may still suffer serious injuries when they are involved in a bicycle accident. A bike rider might be thrown from their bicycle, onto the sidewalk or street, into a stationary object, as well as into oncoming cars. Depending on the severity of the bicycle accident, the bicycle rider could be thrown hundreds of feet.

Some of the injuries a bicyclist rider normally suffers from their accidents include:

  • Serious abrasions or lacerations,
  • Lower spine injuries,
  • Broken arm;
  • Broken ankle;
  • Broken back;
  • Broken collar bone;
  • Broken leg;
  • Broken pelvis;
  • Broken wrist;
  • Cracked ribs;
  • Broken femur;
  • Head fracture;
  • Herniated disc;
  • Broken humerus;
  • Broken hip Bone;
  • Broken tibia;
  • Head injuries;
  • Loss of motor skills;
  • Broken teeth, or a
  • Wrongful death.

Additionally, when a bicyclist is physically injured, it is often very difficult for the family members as well. Not only will the injured person face severe mental anguish due to the trauma of their accident, their family will also go through a form of pain and suffering as they try to cope with the news of their severely injured loved one.

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