Los Angeles Fender Bender Accident Attorney

Los Angeles Fender Bender Accident Attorney


While many drivers believe freeways, such as the 405 freeway, are the most dangerous places to drive a car, other believe parking lots, parking structures, intersections, driveways and normal streets are more dangerous as these are the places where “fender benders” are more likely to occur.  These types of auto accidents require the assistance of a Los Angeles Fender Bender Accident Attorney to seek recovery and compensation for your auto accident.

What is a Los Angeles Fender Bender Accident?

A Los Angeles fender bender accident is a minor accident in which a car or truck suffers minor or moderate physical damage where the passengers involved may suffer serious injuries.  Additionally, fender bender accidents are so aptly named because the majority of the physical damage to a car is done to a fender or bumper.  Fender benders may occur because someone makes a sudden stop, a back-up collision, careless lane change, or resulting from an auto accident in a Los Angeles parking lot or parking structure.

Further Fender Bender Information

Although this fender bender may have been caused by the negligence of the other driver involved, auto insurance companies which provide coverage for damage and caused by fender benders have the right to raise a driver’s auto insurance premiums.  It is therefore very common for people involved in a fender bender to attempt to settle these Southern California fender bender accidents without the assistance of a Los Angeles fender bender accident attorney.

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Unfortunately for most people who decide to not report the fender bender accident, they often develop serious or chronic pain directly resulting from the fender bender which they will be unable to recover because they already settled their potential claim by accepting compensation only for the damage to their vehicle, and not personal injury damage.  This is one of the reasons why everyone should hire a fender bender attorney to guarantee that their legal rights are represented and that they receive compensation for all of their personal injuries, and not just the physical damage done to their car.

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If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, please call our Los Angeles Fender Bender Auto Accident Lawyers at 800-715-4489.

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